Our Story

My Montessori Home story started in 2017

Lisa, mother of baby Luce, has been passionate about the Montessori philosophy for years. Happy to put the theory in practice with her own baby, she realized there were little to nothing available in South Africa for the home environment.

Encouraged by the development of the Montessori pedagogy in South Africa, motivated by the lack of quality educational toys and boosted by the feedback she received from Montessori educators, Lisa decided to create a line of Montessori products specially designed for the home.

She found a perfect partner, Alan, that added his engineering background and woodworking passion to the project.

Having the products made in South Africa was key as we wanted to be able to control closely the quality of the material and to contribute to our local community. We found trusted local suppliers to embark on this journey with us.

The Montessori pedagogy is grounded on principles, the toys, or materials, as Maria Montessori called them, are the tools for the child's independent learning. That's why our products include an activity guide for the parents to use them "in the Montessori way". We hope that being more familiar with the Montessori principles will help the parents put the pedagogy in practice with their children beyond our products.

We are excited to have started this adventure and we plan on developing our product range in the coming months .

Your encouragements, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for reaching out and taking an active role in My Montessori Home.