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Schools & Grouped Order

You would like to strengthen the engagement of the parents in your school

We believe that engaging and educating the parents is key to build a positive and active school community.

When parents are more knowledgeable about Montessori, the environments at home and at school become more consistent and complementary for the benefit of the children.

We can help you organise a parents’ workshop around the theme “How to practice Montessori at home”.

If you would like more info about workshops, please send us your contact details and some information about your school at

We will contact you back with a proposal.

You would like to recommend My Montessori Home products to the parents of your school

Our products give parents the opportunity to better understand the principles behind the Montessori pedagogy as well as applying these principles through Montessori activities with their children at home. 

We can set up a Group Order. The parents will receive their orders directly at your school with a discount.

If you would lime more info about group orders, please send us your contact details and some information about your school at

You are interested in our products for your classroom environment

If you are looking for high quality, reasonably priced and locally made Montessori materials, My Montessori Home products will be a great addition to your class environment’s shelves.

We already provide some free bonus resources to create more learning activities with our materials, please check out Bonus Material page.

Do not hesitate to ask us more such as 3–parts cards. We will be happy to support your school’s needs.

Here are some of the schools and organisations we have collaborated with in the past months

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